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Yes, Our Community is Impacted

There exists a gross misimpression that the Jewish community is immune from many of the social ills affecting affecting general society. Alcholism, gambling, domestic voiolence...and now opioid abuse. Our community is no less affected by these issues than any community.

Les K. was doing well. Two children, a nice house, stable family relatonships. Until Les injured his back. His back injury led to a perscription for a pain killer. And then a back operation. It's an all too familiar story. Quickly Les spiraled into a life of perscription drug addiction. The good job was gone. His wife filed for divorce. His children would not have anythjing to do with him. Finally, Les was admitted for treatment. After discharge, with no place to go, he turned to his elderly mother. He was on a wait list for a half-way house but until then would be essentially homeless. Responding to a call from a local politician, Jewish Social Service stepped in. We found Les a modest motel and were able to keep him in a room for a week until approval was granted by the state agency for Les to go to the halfway home. Yes, it does happen in our community. Our all volunteer group is there to help whenever we can.